A photo of an African Pygmy Hedgehog in a teacup and a few facts

Pygmy hedgehog in teacup

Photo of a tiny cute baby pygmy hedgehog in a teacup.

I saw this photo of some baby African pygmy hedgehogs in a teacup and they were so lovely I did a bit of research to find out a bit more. They look like pretty ideal pets as they are very gentle, don’t need much room, are quite cheap to look after and above all are a little bit different. With only a few hundred in the UK it would certainly be something a bit different.

Here are some key facts:

  • They can cost around £190 in the UK. That’s around $250 US. Many breeders have long waiting lists.
  • Pygmy hedgehogs are around a quarter the size of standard hedgehogs
  • They love being handled
  • They are far more common in the US than the UK where they were first bred around 25 years ago
  • Chocolate brown is the most common colour but it’s also possible to get albino varieties
  • They live for about three to five years
  • A hedgehog’s body is covered in around 6,000 spikes (also called quills)
  • In some areas in the US you need a license to have a pet hedgehog but check with your local authorities
  • In the UK you don’t need a license for these domesticated hedgehogs but of course you can’t have a normal hedgehog as a pet. These are wild and endangered
  • The scientific name of the genus to which African Pygmy Hedgehog belongs is Atelerix which means ineffective fighter.

There’s a lot more information about Domesticated Hedgehogs at Wikipedia.

Here’s a very cute video of a kitten meeting a pet hedgehog for the first time.