A baby Aardvark and some facts

A photo of  a baby Aardvark

A photo of a baby Aardvark

Here’s a lovely photo of a baby aardvark born in the Busch Gardens theme park in Tampa Bay, Florida. He’ll probably grow up to be just over a metre long and could weigh up to 120lbs.

Other names for Aardvarks which are sometimes used:

  • African antbear
  • anteater
  • Cape anteater

The name Aardvark actually means “ground pig” or “earth pig” in Afrikaans. Aard meaning Earth and Vark meaning pig.

Their numbers were thought to be declining but this may be because they are very shy and so are not often seen. They are however very rare outside of Africa and there aren’t many in zoos around the world.

They spend much of their time underground in their burrows which can be up to 30 metres long so this could explain why they aren’t in many zoos.

They are the only species left in the order Tubulidentata.

For a bit more cuteness here’s another picture.

A mother aardvark with it's baby

A mother with it’s baby